“My Experience”?by Adam Edge

Adam Edge is 1st kyu aikidoka from England and spent 5 weeks visiting?Tenshinkan dojo in Chicago, IL as a kenshusei student. ?He was asked to write a brief summary about his experience.

“I have found living here as a student a pleasant and enjoyable experience. It is a different way of training to usual but a fun new experience, although I found some parts of the training difficult because off the difference, but still found it very rewarding.

Za-zen was really good and a new experience for me, it has helped me to stay more relaxed and give me more energy for the day.

It would not recommend staying up late as it soon becomes very draining with the training and cleaning schedule. All the people were very nice and positive people and very welcoming.

Since being here it has gave me greater appreciation or training and more focus for ?further practice as well as helping me clear my mind and feel more positive. I hope to come back next year!”